My Whitening Treatments Aren’t Working, What Should I Do?

Hello Dr, my problem is one of a cosmetic nature. I have recently done both in house and in office teeth whitening but there is no noticeable result
After a consultation with the dentist, I was given a pack of evolution3 home kit of 10 and 16% carbide peroxide which I used at home for two weeks with a custom made tray sent to me by the dentist. At the end of the second week, I went to the clinic for the in office whitening. In the office, an application of another higher % of gel was administered with my customer tray for about 30 minutes and that was it. I noticed that my teeth were still the same colour. This has frustrated me somewhat to be perfectly honest as there is still no noticeable result.
Hi thanks so much for your question. Teeth whitening can be tricky and what is important is consultation if anything is not working or goes wrong. Go and speak to your dentist and I am sure that they will help you.
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