My Tooth Has Gone And Broke In Two. My Dentist Wanted To Pull It. What Else Can Be Done That Is Relatively Inexpensive?

Hello Mark. I have a problem I would like help with. I have a tooth that gone and broke in two. My dentist was going to pull it, I said no thanks, is there something you can do? He did not pull it and it had decayed when this happened, instead of him pulling the whole tooth he fixed it to where it looks like a real tooth, but told me if I ever have problems with it he would have to pull it out completely. Is there a procedure that can be done without pulling it or getting an implant and it being inexpensive? I have an extreme sideways bite and I have fillings in every tooth almost and I have had them for over 20 years. Sometimes when I eat something they hurt, so what do I need to do?
Hello. It may be possible to crown the tooth but I’m not certain this would work in your case as I have not examined you in person nor do I have all the facts available. Could you come to London for a full examination? You can also familiarise yourself with the various treatments available through this website. Regards


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