My Teeth Won’t Close Together Properly As I Used To Suck My Thumb. If I Was To Get An Operation For This, Would I Have To Pay?

Hello Dr Hughes. My teeth won’t close together and it’s they’re all messed up because I used to suck my thumb. I stopped this last year. I really want an operation on my mouth. I can’t even smile. If I was to get an operation do I have to pay? My tongue sticks out and it’s really annoying. I really want to have a perfect straight smile that would close properly and I want to feel happy and good about my teeth.
My jaws are really wonky and they won’t close together while my front teeth are really messed up and they won’t close together. I really need to help. I would love to get surgery.
Hello and thank you for writing in. You would need to find out what options you have regarding treatment by visiting a highly experienced orthodontist. It’s likely that you would have to pay so you may want to discuss financial options to spread the cost of treatment. You could also try to get your dentist to refer you to a dental hospital for reduced rates. It should be noted that the waiting lists are lengthy. If you would like further orthodontic information you can seek this out through this helpful website. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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