My teeth are healthy but crooked and misaligned, how can I fix this?


I would like to know the best method and cheapest way to fix my teeth. My two front teeth are overlapping badly, and this is causing overcrowding in my mouth. My teeth are not straight , some are crooked on my top row of teeth because of this overcrowding. Some of my teeth are slightly eroded on the bottom row due to acid erosion. My teeth are not aligned so there is discomfort when I bite and I also have some discolouring. I do not want to damage my teeth as they are at present fairly healthy but I want my teeth to be straight and the damage sorted out/ covered up. I was wondering which is the best course of treatment? How long does it last, and finally what would be the total cost of the treatments?


I would need to see you to give you all the options available and their relative merits as you know cheapest and best are not always the same so if I can show you what options are available you can make a better informed choice.
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