My front tooth has shifted before I got my Essix retainer. Now it won’t move back. What can I do?

Hi. I had adult braces and when they came off, I had to wait five days to receive my essix retainer. In this time, my front tooth has shifted forward whereas it was totally straight when braces were removed. I have been wearing essix retainer religiously but the gap is exactly the same and shows no sign of closing…what can I do? I’m so paranoid the gap will keep opening. Will th essix retainer not push the tooth straight back into position? My impressions were taken the same day my braces came off so should be perfect. Also the essix only came halfway on teeth and they still don’t cover all the teeth and there are spaces between the bottom of the front teeth and the essix retainer. About 3 or 4 millimetres. I have been using aligned chewies but to no avail. How do I know if the tetainer is fitting me properly and doing its job. Also is it necessary for the retainer to cover all the front teeth? Even if my retainer for bottom of teeth to bottom of retainer, the top of my teeth would still be exposed……should this cover the gums too? Please help
Go and see your dentist they should be able to take another impression to make a new retainer to move your teeth back, if this does not work they can put the brace back on.. it may be worth you having a fixed retainer.
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