My daughter has just had a brace fitted, but now her crowns have cracked, what should she do?

my daughter has lingual behind her teeth hidden braces at the top,she also has 4crowns two top middle and one either side,her braces have only been in 10days and already her two side crowns have fine cracks along the bottom,does this mean she is not suitable for braces,and should just get new crowns an teeth whitened to make her smile nice, as she is also meant to be having bottom braces fitted soon,but if the top crowns cannot hold a brace without crumbling,not much point in wasting her money,she is 40yrs old,what is your opinion please.
Hi and thanks for your questions. I guess the first this to establish is whether or not the crowns have cracked as a result of the braces or were they like this beforehand? If they have cracked then, they were probably weak in the first place and placing some provisional crowns for the duration of the orthodontic treatment might be advisable.

I would agree that following completion of the braces, that whitening first , then replacing the crowns will probably get the best aesthetic result. Would she be able to come and see me for a consultaiotn so that we could properly assess the situation and give you some accurate advice. I’d also ask the orthodontist for some close up photos of her crowns before the braces went on to see if there were any ‘pre-existing’ weaknessess in them

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