My daughter has been in braces for 4 years now and her bite is completely off! Why is this happening and what should we do?

Hi Dr Hughes, I wondered if you could help me? My daughter had her baby tooth removed (next to front teeth – upper) 4 yrs ago, then a brace was fixed to bring down her permanent tooth. The orthodontist said she would shift her teeth over to bring down the permanent tooth. Well, 4 yrs later, the tooth came down, but she is still in braces and her bite is completely off and her teeth are slanted. What can we do? I have consulted 3 other orthodontists who are not sure about taking over treatment. Please advise me! Thank you! 
I would advise that you consult with the highest qualified and most experienced Private ‘Specialist Orthodontist’ you can find. I can offer the services of one our own Specialist Orthodontists at my practice if you wish and if you are able to come to London for advice?

You could also always email us some photographs of your daughter’s teeth.

I hope that helps?


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