I’ve Had Radiotherapy As Treatment For Cancer And It’s Taken It’s Toll On My Teeth. Could I Get Cosmetic Treatment Through The NHS?

Hi Mark. I had radiotherapy treatment for cancer about 15 years ago around my mouth and throat area, I was told at the time that this would eventually cause problems with my teeth, they are now in a sorry state even though I have always cleaned twice a day, they just seem to be wearing away and breaking and are causing me great discomfort and stopping me from eating properly. Someone has mentioned to me that I should be able to get cosmetic surgery on the NHS because this has been caused by the cancer and treatment. Do you know if this is correct and who would I get in touch with about this?
Hi, unfortunately, I do not really know if this treatment is available to you or not as my practice is not on the NHS. Maybe try your local NHS dentist or health authority for advice? Usually cosmetic treatment isn’t free through the NHS but your case might be different. You can find information on the different types of treatment that might be of interest to you through this website. Best wishes, Mark.
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