I’ve Had Crohn’s Disease Since The Age Of 18 And My Teeth Are Becoming Weaker. Which Treatments Should I Consider Before My Wedding?

Dear Sir, I was diagnosed with CD at the age of 18 and prior to this, had fissure sealant treatment and had not had a single filling. My teeth were regularly checked and in good condition, strong and white.

Over the years, my teeth have become visibly more yellow, I have had fillings and the enamel has eroded and exposed the very unsightly dentine on many of my teeth. Some of them have uneven biting edges and are sharp. Until this year, my front teeth remained fairly unaffected, but now I’m getting marks on them, between them and they are getting thinned and more sensitive.

I’m getting married next year and am determined to have a better smile than I currently do. I bit the bullet and made an appointment to visit a local dentist earlier this year, who suggested using bonding to just even out the edges of my teeth, but mentioned this would be to the colour that my teeth are currently, which I’m very unhappy with.

My CD is now stable and I am mainly healthy, but hate the fact that my teeth continue to get worse – possible down to stomach acid? Do you have a suggestion as to what treatments may work to help me finally get the smile I dream of? Thank you in advance for reading and I look forward to receiving your response.

Kindest regards.

There will most likely be a number of treatments which could work well for you and the cost will vary depending on quality and the level of workmanship involved. The only way you can work this out will be through a consultation. Try to find a experienced dentist who understands your condition and you feel totally at ease with. You may have to speak to more than one to achieve this. In the meantime you could look into veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, onlays and cosmetic bonding as this will help discuss these treatments with your dentist. Information can be found through this website. Regards, Marcus.
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