Is There Financial Help Available for Dental Implants?

I have quite an extensive medical history including severe SLE and Antiphospholipid Syndrome as well as other ailments. I have always had problems with my teeth and gums. I have receding gums and tooth loss. I have a pronounced top jaw and had fixed braces which were removed because of the SLE when I was 13, and I’m now 30.
Recently, I had aortic heart valve replacement surgery. I’m worried my declining tooth health is going to have a major impact on the heart and need advice on what to do next. I would like to possibly look into the teeth in a day option but I’m worried about the cost. Is there help available for someone with such health problems? I work full time when I’m well enough but can’t seem to do more to be able to save enough money. I obviously take a lot of medication and blood thinners. My teeth are a major source of problems for me and I’ve noticed more recently a trigger for a little depression due to comments from people due to their appearance.
I’m desperate for any help you can provide.
Thank you for your question. I’m afraid there isn’t any help for patients who can’t afford complex implant treatment and your conditions and medication may make the management of the treatment more complex than average. You may want to contact your local implant dentist for a full assessment to review your options as removal of all the teeth may be a bit drastic and there maybe another solution.
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