Is There An Alternative To Breaking The Jaw To Fix A Gummy Smile?

Hi, the problem that I would like to to discuss is that I have quite a high smile line, where, if I smile too much my gums show and I’m a little self-concious about it. I was told by my dentist when I was younger and given a brace, that I could have my jaw broke and fixed to sort the problem out, however I didn’t much like the sound of that as you can imagine. However my friend has recently had it done and her smile line looks much better. I am now 21 years old and was wondering if you had an alternative option for a procedure such as this? Many thanks

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Hi. There are several options or combinations thereof that might work for you. We’d have to see you in person to know what would be suitable.

There are gum lift surgeries, lip surgeries to help reduce how much it lifts up, teeth can be ‘intruded’ orthodontically, sometimes, botox injections can work and of course the orthognathic surgery-orthodontics combination you have mentioned.  Can you come to London so we can assess what the best approach for you would be?

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