Is My Toothpaste Causing My Gums To Become Loose And Fall Apart?

Hello I bought a new brand of toothpaste and ever since using it,  after brushing my teeth i find that there is a thin layer of loose gum inside my mouth that comes off in chunks. I don’t know if the toothpaste has caused this problem or not but it is the only difference that has occurred in my dental routine. I find this irritating embarrassing and inconvenient as when I am at work I have to keep spitting out the loose fragments that I am finding during the day and sometimes it sticks to the corners of my mouth.

I just wandered if you had any ideas as to what this could be and what is causing it?

Kind regards

Could you come in for a consultation so we can examine you properly. It could be that you’re brushing too hard or that the tooth paste is very abrasive. You may also be having a reaction to the toothpaste. Which brand is it and do you have any recognised allergies?



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January 4th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Toni Childs Says :

The toothpaste is Oral B. How much do you charge for a consultation? Thanks

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