Is my dentist using the right type of dental implants?

My dentist proposes to fit an implant using Southern Implant components. How do I decide if these are the best implants? Do you have any knowledge of the reputation of the Southern Implants range of dental implants? Is there any reliable independent organisation that can provide performance statistics of this range of products?

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Yes I believe they are good implants. They are manufactured in South Africa. We ourselves use Swiss implants such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare which have decades of research to back them up.

Maybe more important is the experience of your dentist so make sure he’s done lots of implants to ensure you’re getting the best result possible. Our implants are placed by our Specialist Prosthodontist who has placed 1000’s of implants. This is most important if the implants are being placed in the region of the front teeth where aesthetics are very important

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September 3rd, 2015 at 08:47 PM
TJ Says :

I would personally go for the market leader of this time, and choose an Astra or Ankylos, and restore with a patient specific abutment (Atlantis). Would certainly stay away from Southern as newer companies might not be around in 25/30 years time! We had a patient walk in the other day, that had components, that needed replacing from 20 years a go. I phoned Dentsply, and they still manufactured them for cases like these, and we received it the very next day!

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