Is it possible to have an implant bridge to replace a snapped bridge?

Q. I am in the midst of a ‘dental disaster’. I had an abscess on a tooth that was part of a bridge. My dentist referred me to have it out, and to do so they cut the bridge and took out the offending tooth. The clinic suggested I go back in 6 weeks to have an implant if I could afford it. That was 2 weeks ago. Since then, when eating breakfast on Sunday, the rest of the bridge snapped off taking the ‘fake’ tooth and snapping my remaining tooth off at gum level. I now obviously have a huge gap. This gap is upper left, I think these are 4, 5, and 6 (my left). I have been back and agreed to have 2 implants as I can’t afford 3, but now I’m researching a bit more I’m discovering that perhaps 2 implants could be enough for a replacement bridge for all 3 teeth. Do you think that is possible? I am reading that upper teeth are slightly more problematic than lower jaw teeth so does that rule it out? I would rather get it all done in one go with 2 implants if I can. I have a sedation appt next Wednesday to have the snapped tooth out and 2 implants put in. I had impessions taken, but I’m assuming it’s for the temporary plate – but would that be for the implants – in other words, is it too late to ‘insist’ that I have a 2 implant bridge? Please advise. Thank you very much.

A. I am sorry for the delay in answering your question and you may have already had the sedation. If you ahven’t had the implants p[laced then you can definately ask to have an implant bridge. This is a viable treatment option as long as there is enpough bone. This will depend on how much bone was present around the teeth and how carefully the teeth have been removed.
If you have had the implants placed next to each other it is very possible to still have a bridge. The crowns on the implants would be joined together and the back tooth could be attached to these.
I have restored many cases this way and haven’t ever had any failures.
 Your dentist needs to make sure that the bite is correct once the implants have been placed
 I hope this helps
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