Is corrective surgery advisable for my large overbite?

Q. Hi, I was advised by my orthodontist to take up corrective surgery as I have a large overbite (upper jaw). I am 28 years old and wanted to know if the corrective surgery is advisable. I have heard from some people that the jaws are connected by strings/wires after the surgery. I have also heard that the mouth cannot open as wide as it naturally used to. If the jaw is connected again using screws and plates, are there any issued during the cold winters (cold metal plates causing discomfort)? Thank you for reading my question and I look forward to your reply.,
A. I recommend surgery if you have been advised it generally people look and feel much better afterwards, The procedures are much better now than they where 10 years ago. Ask your orthodontist for as much help as you need. You could ask them to put you in touch with other clients who have had this procedure so you could speak to them.
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