I’m looking for braces that won’t affect my appearance, what would you suggest?

I am desperate to get braces, however, I only have two teeth out of place but they have a big effect on my smile as they are at the front. They are the two teeth next to my two front big teeth, the problem is they are slightly further back causing my canines to look like fangs. My bottom teeth aren’t crooked. I was wondering if the treatment would be a shorter amount of time as there isn’t much to move and what type of brace would be best for me? I am a teenager and would want the shortest amount of time and least changing to my appearance :-)I am still in school and don’t want anything too noticeable. Many thanks for you help.
Hi, thanks for your question. An inman Aligner might be the quickest way of moving just a few teeth. Have a look on the web for a dentist who offers this service,or, if you’re in Essex call my clinic on 08443 87 87 88 for a consultation. Kind regards. 
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