I’d Like To Know If I Can Use Super-Glue To Fix My Maryland Bridge Back In Place?

Hello Dr Shaffie, after one of my Maryland bridges fell off, I would like to know if I can fix it back in place with super-glue. The reason I want to do this is that I don’t have dental insurance and I have a very low paying job making it difficult to afford. So I want to know if it’s okay to use super glue to glue back the Maryland bridge. Secondly I want to know if fluoride in toothpaste is healthy for your teeth. Some people I’ve heard have said it’s not very healthy. What would you advise me to do? I would appreciate your advice on these matters.
Hello, I would definitely not advise you or anyone else to do this, as it’s very dangerous to use super glue in your mouth, and could cause you a number of health problems, it is also highly unlikely to work in any case. Fluoride is healthy for your teeth as it protects them. Try to find a clinic that can set you up with a financial package that suits your income. I hope you take my advise on this. Thank you, Dr Shaffie.
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