I Would Like A Completely New Celebrity Smile. My Teeth Are Weak And I’d Like To Know Which Treatments To Have?

Hey! Hope you are well.
Firstly – good idea with this “ask an expert” thing. Anyway, I want to make my teeth go away. I’d like all of them removed, and to have a new smile – basically. I want to have a teeth like the celebrities have.
My problem is that my teeth look nice, it’s not a bad smile, but they are very weak, and in the back, I don’t have half of my teeth, because they are broken. So I want to make new ones – fake, so I won’t have to care about it later…How much would it cost? To make all new, white, nice teeth? 
Hello. The costs of treatment will really depend on exactly what type of treatment you have – the information you have given us is not enough to be able to even ascertain what treatments might be suitable?

Please use this website to do a little bit more research and email back or better still come in for a consultation and we can assess accurately what treatments would be best. I hope you find the right treatment. Regards, Mark.

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