I Want Veneers On My Front Teeth, Is This Possible?

Hi I just have a couple of questions. I had a root canal on my front teeth a few years ago now it is slightly discoloured and a little chipped, it really bothers me but, my dentist has advised not to have a crown or veener and leave it as it is and not to mess with it as it may cause it to fall out in the near future, is there anything at all you can advise? I would like 4 veeners across the front top if possible do you think there is anything i can do? I’m really not happy with the appearance of it, I feel he’s just being lazy! I’m the one who has to live with it and smile with it showing, with it being on my front tooth I feel like everyone can see it. It’s making me feel very self-conscious but what am I supposed to do if he won’t fix it for me? Thanks
Hi and thank you for your questions. There are a variety of options.

If you are concerned with the cosmetics of your teeth then the options are whitening, veneers, crowns , etc. Each case is different and difficult to answer without examining your mouth.I hope this helps. 

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