I Want To Know Which Retainer Option Is The Best For Me As My Teeth Overlap Slightly?

Hello, I’m currently having treatment for minor relapse on my upper row. My two front teeth overlap slightly. Currently I have a spring retainer which I feel is working really well for me.

I was wondering which type of retention option do you consider to be the best? There are so many types now with many different pros and cons available.

Also, a friend of mine needed a new Essix retainer so I recommended the dentist who is currently completing my treatment. My friend has advised to me that the retainer she has just received is of very poor quality. How can I tell/ find somewhere that will provide me a good retention option?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hello, you can have either the fixed or removable retainer. Fixed is the better option as it prevents relapse of the teeth. We do have a retainer option if you want to pop down to us so we can sort it out for you. Thank you for your question. Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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