I Have A Crown That Doesn’t Match And Is Starting To Give Me Pain, Will I Have To Start Again From Scratch?

Hello Dr Shaffie, I’d like to discuss with you and tell you that I have a crown on my tooth next to the main front one up the top, when it was done it wasn’t ever matching and I had it done over two years ago, it’s just starting to give me pain and I’m not sure why this is? I would really like the crown replaced with a much better match, can they use the same crown and change the colour or do I have to start from scratch? I’ve changed dentist as since having the crown they wouldn’t sort it out for me when I wasn’t too happy with it, I paid 350 for the crown and I feel very self conscious and I feel like I can never show my teeth to anyone in public. Thank you, I hope you can help.
Hello and thank you for taking the time to ask. I believe that the pain tends to come from the root and not necessary from the crown. To change the colour you will most probably have to start from scratch. Thanks, I hope this helps you with your enquiry.
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