I Had Dental Surgery In Budapest And My Teeth Are Too Bulky. I Just Want To Be Myself Again. How Can You Help?

I have been going to Budapest for the last 15 months and there was a lot of confusion over my teeth but in the end I had 6 upper implants, a sinus lift and a bone graft. I now have my new bridge, when they put it in the teeth were very long so I had them cut and filed down but they are so bulky they sit above my gums I am so upset please can you give me some advise so I can get this rectified please I’m desperate. All that I have been through should have taken 6 months and it has taken 15 months. I have been so depressed. I just want to be myself again.
These are the dangers of going overseas to seek out ‘cheap’ surgery and dental treatment. It would be my advice to seek advice and a thorough examination and opinion from an implant expert here in the UK. Once this has been done you can then decide how to proceed. In my own practice in Harley Street we see a lot of patients who have been disatisified with poor quality treatment from ‘quick fix’ clinics overseas. With dental implants, which involves surgery with risks and complications, this can be a big problem for the patients if things go wrong.

We’d be happy to assess you in my own clinic and give you some advice.  Kind regards, Mark.

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