I get my front tooth filled but it is very sensitive why is this?

Q. I have my front tooth filled about 3weeks ago and ever since then my front tooth is very sensitive to cold and hot items when it touch the front tooth. why is this? Also, I had my back tooth filled about 3wks ago and it constantly hurts me. my whole left side of my face and jaw hurts and my head hurts. my dentist says the pain should go away in about two weeks that the filling needs to settle. My tooth is so sensitive. and when the dentist did the filling it was done real sloppy. there was filling overlapping on my tooth and it was very coarse. I had to ask for the filling to be cleaned up from the sides of my tooth and have it smooth out and this was the case for my front tooth also. very slappy. could this be the reason why my front and back tooth hurts so bad.

A. White fillings can take a few weeks to settle in and may feel sensitive in this time. If the pain does not go away in the next few weeks, it may be that the filling is too high. As you are numb when you have your filling placed it can be difficult for your dentist to get the bite completely accurate. This can be easily adjusted in a short appointment with your dentist.

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