How Much Should I Have Paid for Veneers?

Hi, would you please advise? I have been wearing 11 temporary veneers for over 2 months while my porcelain ones are being made. I’ve so far had 6 appointments since requesting them in January. I was asked to pay in full just under £10,000 2 months ago and after I had paid, my final fitting was put back another month. I chose this dental practice due to past awards, now I’m beginning to regret it! Is this the normal practice? So far I’m really not happy!
Hi and thank you for your questions. Sometimes problems or complications can arise that mean the final fit has to be delayed. Normal turnaround time is 2 -3 weeks unless there are reasons to want to change them, or if there are bite problems or changes that need to be assessed for longer. In other words we sometimes deliberately wish to have your provisional veneers/crowns in for extended periods if we have changed things in the bite or aesthetics so significantly that we need to do a ‘test run’.

Why don’t you speak to your cosmetic dentist and his/her staff and explain you have concerns and I’m sure they will be happy to help you discuss matters and explain.

You could always go for a second opinion if you have more concerns after that.

It is a normal practice to have the treatment paid for up front as the porcelain needs to be made bespoke for you by a 3rd party ceramic dental technician. They require payment too and the long appointments needed for the treatment usually require deposits to reserve them for you.

Kind regards, Mark.

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