Hey There. My Smile Doesn’t Match Up After Having Braces. I Was Wondering If This Could Be Fixed?

Hey there.

When I was younger, perhaps around 14, (I’m 26 now) I had a tooth taken out on the nhs that was growing the wrong way inside my gum and pushing all the other teeth out of place.
I’ve had braces to sort an under-bite also and I’ve tried to straighten all the rest. Subsequently I feel very little was done. My bite is okay but my jaw is all out of line. In the middle of my bottom jaw is a tooth. So the line that should match up with my top teeth doesn’t match. The fang tooth on my top left side isn’t there and makes my face so different looking to the other side of my face. I feel so ugly with it all over the place. I was wondering if this sounds like it is fixable? I’d give anything to have lovely teeth and not want to hide them.

Many thanks. 

Hi there, it probably is fixable but may involve extensive treatment such as braces, veneers or implants. Maybe a combination of all three. If you’re in my area Essex I would be happy to see you, if not try to search for a cosmetic dentist in your area to discuss a full range of possible options. Make sure they show you similar cases through before and after examples. I hope this helps. Dr Andrew Moore.
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