Hello Dr, I Would Like To Get An Implant, Can You Tell Me How Long They Last?

Hello Dr Bohara. I have a front tooth missing and I’ve wanted to know how much it will cost to have treatment to close the gap.

I was born like that without the tooth and for cosmetic reasons I was thinking of filing that gap in as it is starting to bother me. Do you know also know whether it is a good idea to do this and if I was to get this treatment and fill the gap how long can the implanted tooth take before it gets loose as I am thirty years old and worry that I may have to pay for a new one.

Thank you. I really hope to hear from you soon and maybe also to make an appointment for the procedure.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. It is impossible to say if a dental implant is suitable in your case without taking X-rays and examining your mouth to determine which type of treatment may be best for you. Implants can normally last up to 10 years or longer depending on your oral hygiene levels and how you look after your mouth. Thank you, I hope this helps.
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