Can You Fix My Tooth Without Removing The Entire Bridge?

I have a bridge on top of 9 teeth,the bridge is one piece ,i broke one tooth ,is there any possibility to rebuild the tooth without removing entire bridge.I had the work done two years ago in my hometown in Poland whilst in Holland yesterday i had a tooth become detached, I was able to get it glued back in yesterday evening prior to leaving for London. My dentist in Poland asked that I return home and advised that the whole bridge would have to be replaced.I am alarmed by this and wpould request your opinion on the validity of this statement.I am working in the UK and would not wish to return to Poland for what ia advised would be for a period of at least 10days. I would appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks, 
I have replaced a single tooth on a big bridge in the past with good success, it will really depend on which tooth it is, why it came off in the first place and the condition of the remaining bridge.
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