Can you advise me what to do with my issues with dental bridges being improperly fitted?

Why would a proffesional dentist fit bridges to 3 main teeth to hold the bridges knowing that these teeth were in poor condition and would eventually rot causing the bridges to slacken and fall out… 1 bridge wasnt fitted right leaving huge gap..was told they would last 10 years also i am still paying for all the work done but sadly all the bridges need to be removed…..After getting my 2 front teeth fitted in for the 2nd time in December 07…I saw a dentist here in Scotland the following March his oppinion was that the teeth were wrongly fitted and after xrays so many problems were found…I was sent to a private independant dentist and had my mouth full checked so much was found and was told that all bridges have to be removed…So please tell me why????….I cannot eat right hav’nt for a few years now….After contacting the dentist who did the work offered me to come back and she would remove them and make me false dentures at no cost…now that says a lot!….I had the work done in Salford by a Dr X..I cannot travel there been ill have Ruhmatoid Arthritis prevents me barely moving…Please advise me on this matter…My teeth are in very poor contition..I have been mucked about with dentists for many years now….Is money all that matters to them what about what it does to the patient….Believe me it has ruined my life….I await your reply….thankyou!..
Its very difficult to comment on individual cases without seeing you and not knowing all the circumstances so i couldn’t possible give you a proper opinion on this matter. It sounds like you need to find a good local dentist perhaps ask friends or relatives to see if there’s anyone they can recommend.
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March 3rd, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Doris Caldwell Says :

I have seen a private independant dentist..who went through every tooth xrays the lot and his finding was as follows..all bridges have to be removed decay underneath ill fitting bridges…also my local dentist he was the one that sent me to the private independant dentist with his findings…So i have done all i can…….The report states all bridges are not fitted right gaps etc..front teeth out of line…..decay underneath…..his views were mouth is in a mess!..So what more can another dentist say and do….I wanted to know why was bridges fitted to teeth that were dead knowing they would start decaying?????/……..thankyou!…..D Caldwell.

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