Can I Have Bone Grafting Treatment If I Am Just About To Go Ahead With Invisalign?

Hi, I am just making a small enquiry. I’m hoping you can shed some light…I have bone loss from periodonitis and have many black triangles, some of which are too deep to fill with alloderm. Can this bone grafting technique be used to reduce the pockets and black triangles so that I can then follow up or at the same time have alloderm treatent to improve my smile? I am soon to undergo invisalign to correct my crooked teeth so I also wanted to know whether I could have bone grafting/alloderm treatment at the same time as my invisalign treatment? I know it’s quite a lot to ask, I’m just make general enquiries before I speak to my dentist about all of this.  Thank you very much for your time. 
Hi and thank you for your questions. The best person to answer that question is your periodontist. In most cases the grafting is done after teh orthodontics but please ask your specialist expert first. I hope this helps. Regards. 
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February 4th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
poole Says :

Hi do you use Alloderm to treat gum bad recession

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