Can I Get Implants On A Finance Plan?

hi am 25 years old, with 2 young sons since a child my mother never took care of my teeth or took me to the dentist i was constently moved home to home all when i moved out 16 was the first time i started to look after my teeth now am really scared of the dentist i floss daily and brush between meals as much as possible & mornin night, but over the last few years 7 of my back teeth have cracked fell out, i can no longer chew food, it hurts, hurts when i close my mouth, iv been to my denitst who says there nothing that can be done to help me, except dentures i feel depressed helpless about anything i can do to help my teeth, i have another one thats starting to show a cavity this is really gettin me down i just want to be able to cook nice healthy food with my sons but am findin it hard to eat anything do u know any monthly payment splans or help i can get for dental implants or maybe have one fitted a years i need some advice its ruining my life
Many dentists offer payment plans to spread the cost of treatment over 1,2 or even 3 years. the first step is to find a local implant dentist but ask them if they offer plans before you go for a consultation
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