Can a tooth with lingual gum tissue that us tilting be saved by an orthodontic?

I’ve been in Sure Smile braces for a year. My mouth is in worse shape now. My bite is off and my lower central tooth on the left was moved where the bottom of the root started bulging lingually. My gum tissie receeded 4mms or more; most of the root is now exposed. (maybe 3mm’s of gum tissue remains linually, the gum tissue on buccal side is fully present) I am so scared I will lose this tooth. I scheduled with my orthodontist’s partner and asked him to take over my case. I will see him on Tuesday for a new wire. What are your thoughts? Do you think a tooth with little lingual gum tissue and is tilting and the root is bulging can be orthodontically saved, or did the orthodontist do irreversible damage? Please, your thoughts on this situation.
Thank you!
Without seeing you in person and being able to examine the bone and gum tissue it’s impossible to comment. Have you been going every 3-4 months to see a hygienist throughout your treatment to maintain the best gum health?
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February 14th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Lana Says :

Dear Dr Hughes
I am a registered dental hygienist. Yes, I have had cleaning appointments, plus I scale myself a little now and then in between my appointments. I have always been diligent with my oral care. So, this is why seeing my tooth and recessed gums like this is so frustrating. This situation was caused by the braces and improper movements along with trauma of my anterior teeth hitting. I have just had an appointment with the partner orthodontist. A new sure smile wire was placed and hopefully it will move the bulging root into the bone plate along with moving other teeth into proper alignment. He is also adjusting my anterior and posterior bite(which was off alignment due to the first orthodontist adjustments) Do I wait until my braces are removed to have gum surgery or possibly do I need to even wait a certain amount of time before having gum surgery on that lower anterior tooth once my braces are removed? I might be in braces for another 6 months. Lastly, am I out of line to request the first orthodontist to pay for the the gum surgery being he was responsible for the complications I now have?
Sorry this was so wordy.
Thank you

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