Winchester dental nurse completes gruelling triathlon to raise funds for charity trip to Tanzania

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A dental nurse from Winchester has completed a gruelling triathlon to raise money to fund a charity trip to Tanzania.

Victoria Jones, from Bupa Dental, tackled the course, which comprised a 1-mile swim, an 11-mile cycle and a 7-mile run, dressed as a giant tube of toothpaste. The ambitious nurse will use the money she raised to pay for the trip, which has been organised by Bridge2Aid.

Victoria will be part of a team of volunteers tasked with the job of providing training for practitioners out in Tanzania. The skills she has will make a huge difference to hundreds of people by enabling them to access routine dental care in their local community. The ratio of patients to dentists in Tanzania is very high, and most people have never seen a dentist before. Bridge2Aid’s training schemes are designed to equip local trainees with the skills and knowledge they need to provide care for local people.

The trip, which will take place in September and last for two weeks, will see Victoria spending time with rural health workers and local people in need of dental care. Victoria said she was inspired to take part in the programme after reading about the work accomplished by Bridge2Aid in Tanzania. The charity has been working in the African country for several years, and the training scheme has received incredible feedback. With the help of dedicated dental professionals like Victoria, more and more adults and children living in rural parts of Tanzania will be able to enjoy healthy, bright smiles.

Although slightly apprehensive about the impending trip, Victoria said that she was incredibly excited about the adventure. We often take dental care for granted in the UK, and Bridge2id is helping to ensure that dental treatment is no longer a luxury only the rich can afford.

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