What’s The Ideal Age To Take Your Kids To See A Dentist?

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A survey was recently undertaken of almost 500 parents with under 12’s to check whether people had an understanding of how often and how young you should take your child to the dentist. It found that almost half didn’t take their kids regularly. One in five wrongly understood that they had to take their children when the baby teeth started to come through. Only 50% of dads and 63% of mums ensured that their children brushed their teeth on a regular basis. This survey comes from Mintel.

It’s recognised that 30% of children currently suffer from tooth decay.

Ideally it’s recommended that children see a dentist once the milk teeth come through. Your dentist will usually recommend that you follow up somewhere between every three months and a year. At the very least, your kids should have one visit to the dentist before they’re two year old.

Many parents are unaware that preventative tooth decay methods are available for children of this age such as fluoride varnish which helps to strengthen the enamel.

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