Waiting lists fall in Scarborough

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Health officials have revealed that recent initiatives to cut waiting lists in the Scarborough area have been successful.

Just a few weeks ago, at the end of March, there were lengthy waiting lists in Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale, with around 1,500 people waiting to join an NHS dental register. In the past, Scarborough has made the national news because so many people were waiting for NHS places, with 160 people queuing in the early hours of the morning when a new practice opened back in 2004. Now, the waiting lists have been reduced in all areas and there is now no waiting list at all in Whitby. During the month of April, an additional 585 patients in Scarborough and 234 in Ryedale were added to NHS practices.

Since concerns were raised a few months ago, the NHS has ploughed money into the area in a bid to improve access to local NHS services. Now, the results of the investment are starting to pay off and David Cockayne, from NHS York and North Yorkshire, said that he was delighted by the recent figures. Mr Cockayne said that people were still waiting to join NHS dentist practices in Scarborough and work will continue in order to ensure everybody has access to local services.

Mr Cockayne has urged any patients who are looking for an NHS dentist to get in touch with the local Primary Care Trust and join the waiting register; they will then be allocated a place as quickly as possible.

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