UK tops the list for new sugar-free product launches

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The UK has topped the list for new sugar-free product launches, according to new data from Mintel.

Researchers discovered that there have been more new sugar-free products launched in the UK than any other European country. In the UK, 15% of new products are sugar-free compared to 13% in Germany, 10% in France and 9% in Poland.
The study also revealed that 59% of consumers in France and Germany are taking steps to lower sugar consumption. In Spain and Poland, the figures rise to 67% and 65% respectively.

As well as reducing sugar content, manufacturers are also increasing functional fibre content. Inulin, the most commonly used functional fibre in low-sugar food products, is now found in 9% of products compared to 3% in 2015.
Food and drink patent analyst at Mintel, Neha Srivastava, said that the pandemic has influenced consumer habits. While many have wanted to indulge, there has also been an increased demand for healthier products, with many people keen to improve and protect their health. Manufacturers and brands are taking more of an interest in reducing sugar quantity and consumers are more likely to buy low-sugar products.

The Mintel study indicates that consumers in the UK will be more inclined to buy sugar-free and low-sugar foods and drinks in the months and years ahead. Lockdown has caused some people to snack more but many are also paying more attention to healthy eating and nutrition, especially as measures ease.

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