Twickenham dentist awaits planning decision for new private practice

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A Twickenham dentist is eagerly awaiting a decision from Richmond Council after submitting plans to create a new private practice in St Margaret’s Road.

The application has sparked controversy, as the new premises are located just two doors down from Amber Dental in an area where there are 15 clinics occupying an area of just 1.5 miles.

There is an argument that the new surgery would provide clients with more choice, but the application has divided opinion. At the last counting, there were 62 objections and 77 comments in favour of the submission. The dentists behind the application are Dr Samantha Laycock and Dr Hetal Patel.

The dental duo said that there is demand for more dental places in the area, especially as there are plans to create more than 220 new homes on St Margaret’s Road over the course of the next two years. However, local dentist, Dr Paramjit Panesar, from Amber Dental, said that there is a chance that opening a new surgery in the area could “compromise” the practice’s ability to provide NHS dental treatment.

The council is also considering the feasibility of changing the use of the premises. Usually, properties have to be vacant for at last two years before a change of use application can be granted, and the St Margaret’s Road location has been empty for less than a year.

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