Trainee Dental Nurse Swaps Gloucestershire for Morocco to Embark on Charity Mission

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A trainee dental nurse has swapped the comfort of a Gloucestershire dental surgery for the mountain villages of Morocco in a bid to help those in need.

17 year old Megan Timbrell will visit the village of Khizana in the Rif Mountains to provide people who have never seen a dentist before with basic treatment. Megan has volunteered in Africa before, working with albino children, but this will be her first visit to Morocco. Dentists are few and far between in this part of the country and children tend to have a very sweet diet. Decay is commonplace and most people are unaware of even the most basic oral hygiene techniques.

The project has been organised by Dental Mavericks, a charity that arranges volunteer programmes in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Megan only joined Greyholme Dental Suite in Bishop’s Cleeve in January, but she has already made a very positive impression. At such a young age, she’s taking risks and using her skills to help others in an environment totally different to her day job. Her practice manager said she is a fine example of someone who will achieve anything if they put their mind to it.

The trainee dental nurse will spend a couple of days in Khizana before moving onto another project, this one run by charity Rifcom. The main aim will be to provide children with rapid pain relief and preventative treatments. The team is hoping to see around 200 parties per day.

Megan has already expressed an interest in working with Dental Mavericks in the future and her goal is to secure funding for a nurse to visit the local school once a week and a dentist to visit each month.

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