Texas dental office offers free dental care

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The Lake Texoma Dental Care office offered free extraction treatment and teeth cleaning. The office held it’s first free treatment day in April, where around one hundred and fifty patients were given treatment and, months later, around two hundred people were given free procedures. Stephan McAnaney of the clinic said; ‘Every day, every week, every month, every year, we turn away people because they just can’t afford it…I mean w have plenty that can, but there’s a whole lot that can’t.’

People were waiting outside the office from as early as 7:15am, and one patient was quoted as saying; ‘It’s worth sitting here that long…if I have to be here until midnight, I’ll do it.’

The most recent free dental day at the Lake Texoma Dental Care clinic saw two hundred and thirty three extractions and forty-three cleanings performed, costing the office over $40,000.

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