Teeth whitening treatments ‘defy ageing’

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Teeth whitening is an effective way of reducing the signs of ageing and looking good, according to a fashion expert.

Charla Krupp, former beauty director at Glamour magazine and former ex-senior director at In Style, has claimed that along with non-surgical enhancements such as Botox and fillers, having a teeth-whitening treatment will delay the signs of ageing.

She explained to Time magazine: "The older we get, the greyer or yellower our teeth look. It’s not a youthful sign. Young kids have big, white shining teeth. And now everybody does. Because we can all buy it!"

Many women are embarrassed about their teeth and attempt to cover them when they smile, Ms Krupp continued, claiming that this is often more prominent among older people.

Treatments such as Botox and fillers may be expensive, she added, but it can be planned for in the same way as hair colour – certain people’s budgets may stretch to once a month, others twice a year.

Over the Christmas party season, the Sun reported that teeth whitening is a quick-fix beauty treatment that people could have in their lunch hour.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18413693-ADNFCR

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