Swindon Among The Cheapest Locations For A Private Dental Check-Up

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New research has found that Swindon is among the cheapest towns in the UK for a private dental check-up.

Research carried out by whatclinic.com revealed that prices for a private dental consultation were lowest in Swindon, with an average price of £21; other cheap locations included Stoke-on-Trent,Reading and Oxford.

The research, which involved around 11,000 private clinics across the UK, found that the average fee for a private check-up was £39.

In contrast to the low fees in Swindon, rates were found to be much higher in Cambridge, which came out as the most expensive location with an average fee of £68 per check-up.

Whatclinic.com also found that Internet searches for private dentists in Swindon have increased by 49 per cent; searches in nearby Reading were down by 9 per cent.

Patrick Holmes, a dentist from Seven Fields Dental and Health Centre in Swindon, said that Swindon is a great place to work and an excellent place to visit a dentist, as the fees are much lower than the national average as a result of competition in the market.

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