Survey Reveals Worrying Attitude to Sugar Consumption Amongst Worcestershire Adults

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A new survey has highlighted a worrying attitude to sugar consumption in Worcester. According to new research from Ricola, just six percent of adults have become more aware of their sugar consumption in the last year. This was the lowest figure nationally.

The survey, which was carried out by Ricola as part of their Sugar Swap campaign and is running in association with the government’s Change 4 Life programme, showed that just 46 percent of adults questioned in Worcestershire said they were conscious of their sugar intake and 54 percent said they paid no attention to how much sugar they consumed on a daily basis. One in five admitted to having at least one fizzy drink per day and 20 percent of participants did not know their sugar consumption was too high.

Kirsten Crothers, a nutritionist who has been working on the Sugar Swap campaign, warned that consuming too much sugar on a regular basis carries a real risk of serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, including heart disease, strokes, obesity, diabetes and dental diseases.

Marketing and sales manager for Ricola in Northern Europe, Andy Richman, said the firm is keen to promote healthy eating and inform UK adults that they do not need added sugar as part of their daily diet.

The firm is encouraging people to swap sugar-laden snacks, meals and treats for healthier alternatives and endorsing the government’s Sugar Smart app, which tells you how much sugar can be found in popular food and drink products.

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