Survey In USA Shows The Tooth Fairy Is Giving Less Money Than in Years Past

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A survey set up by US finance cite LendEDU has revealed how that the amount of money people give to their children for a lost tooth is less than ever before, adjusting for inflation.

The figures show that on average, baby boomers received an average of 69 cents per tooth, which adjusted for inflation would equate to $5.77 in today’s money, with there being a steadily declining amount of generosity from the tooth fairy since. With Generation Xers receiving $5.54 on average adjusted, and millennials receiving on average $3.72.

The study, rather interestingly, features both the amounts that were paid at the time and their relative inflation adjustments, and end up with completely inverted results. As a result, it upends conventional wisdom that children are receiving a lot more in terms of money and gifts than in years past, as on average children today are being given less than they had.

The tooth fairy as a tradition has been around since the early 20th century, and generally swaps a child’s lost tooth for some form of gift. Sometimes this would be dentistry related, such as a toothbrush, however the most common gift is money.



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