Survery suggests 85% of Singaporeans have suffered from gum disease

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A Neilsen survey has suggested that 85 percent of Singaporeans over the age of 20 have suffered from gum disease.


The survey, which was carried out to determine oral health habits, also revealed that 18 percent of people do not brush their teeth twice a day and 65 percent of people do not visit their dentist twice a year.


The results of the survey are fairly shocking and dentists will be alarmed to see that 43 percent of people surveyed said that they do not attend check-ups unless they are experiencing dental pain.


Despite the survey figures suggesting that oral hygiene is not a priority for many people in Singapore, the same survey revealed that the majority of people are concerned about oral health when it comes to choosing a partner; 66 percent of participants said that they would not date somebody who had bad breath.


The findings of the survey confirm that oral health is a problem for many Singaporeans; however, many people are reluctant to get help. Patrick Tseng, chief dental officer at the Singapore Health Ministry, said that the majority of people were worried about going to the dentist and this attitude needs to change; people need to be aware that dentists are there to help and that oral health is very important.



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