Surrey dental practice offers free screening for oral cancer

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A dental practice is offering free screenings tests for oral cancer to support Mouth Cancer Action Month.

The Montrose Smile Studio in Montrose Avenue, Whitton, is offering patients a free screening test throughout November. The clinic is holding the screening tests as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, which is a national campaign to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

Mouth Cancer Action Month is being run by the British Dental Health Foundation to try and raise the profile of oral cancer and encourage people to attend screening tests and regular dental check-ups. Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common in the UK; however, many people are unaware of the symptoms and signs to look out for and are consequently not seeing a doctor or dentist until their condition is at an advanced stage. The aim of the campaign is to promote regular appointments in order to ensure early detection and treatment.

The Montrose Smile Studio is raising awareness with the slogan ‘If in doubt, get checked out’; in addition to the screening programme, the surgery is also providing patients with leaflets and information about symptoms and causes of oral cancer.

Dr Nigel Carter, from the British Dental Health Foundation, is urging members of the public to see their dentist for a check-up every six to twelve months, keep an eye out for symptoms of oral cancer and make positive changes to their lifestyle habits, in order to reduce the risk of developing oral cancer. Drinking regularly and smoking have been identified as the major risk factors of oral cancer and a poor diet, lacking in fruit and vegetables, can also increase the risk. Symptoms and signs to look out for include red or white patches in the mouth, unusual swelling or lumps in the throat or mouth and sores which do not heal for a long time.

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