Sunderland City Council approves plans for dental practice expansion

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Planning officers at Sunderland City Council have approved plans to expand a dental practice in Windsor Terrace.

The owners of Grangetown Family Dental Health Centre submitted an application to extend the existing premises to create additional facilities. The application was recently given the green light by the council.

The proposal outlines plans to extend the first floor of the building and make changes internally to upgrade the practice. The extension will be added at the rear of the premises.

Grangetown Family Dental Health Centre currently employs three dentists and seven other employees. The practice is open five days a week.

The extension and internal modifications to the building will make space for an extra treatment room for dentists and provide a larger consultation room for dental hygiene services. There will also be more space for storage.

Extending the practice will benefit staff and patients, according to the statement submitted to the city council. The surgery will have an additional treatment room for dentists and more space for the dental hygienist, which will improve access to services for local patients.

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