Suffolk dental team donates laptop to local student to aid lockdown study

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A generous dental team from Suffolk has donated a laptop to a local student to enable them to study at home during lockdown. 

Dentists from Suffolk Orthodontics, based in Kesgrave, offered the local school, Kesgrave High School, a laptop to help a disadvantaged pupil learn at home while schools are closed. The team presented the laptop to the student before the end of the school year, and they will now be able to use it to study and take part in online distance learning programmes during the school holidays.

Nigel Burgoyne, headmaster at Kesgrave High School, described the offer as “generous and wonderful” and said that the donation would make an incredible difference to a “well-deserving student.”

Owner of Suffolk Orthodontics, Ian Davies, said that the team was “thrilled” to be able to donate to the school and to support a pupil who would otherwise struggle to continue their education during the lockdown. The practice is actively engaged in community schemes, and everyone has been looking for ways to support local causes and help individuals during the Coronavirus crisis.

Schools in England have been closed since the end of March, and without access to the Internet, there is a worry that students from deprived backgrounds will struggle to learn away from the classroom. The government has provided thousands of laptops and generous donations like those from local businesses are also making a difference at a very challenging time for teachers and pupils.

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