Smiles Change Lives offers orthodontic treatment for needy children

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Smiles Change Lives, a non-profit organisation, has revealed it will help to provide orthodontic treatment for underprivileged children. The organisation is introducing a new programme, which will help to provide braces for poor children across America.

Children aged between 11 and 18 with moderate or severe orthodontic problems may be eligible to benefit from the treatments offered by Smiles Change Lives. Orthodontic treatment is important because it contributes to problems relating to low self-esteem and confidence, as well as problems with speech. Wearing braces can help to close gaps between the teeth, straighten the teeth, improve the alignment of the upper and lower teeth and eradicate problems with the jaw joint.

Smiles Change Lives have been working to improve the dental health of underprivileged children for a decade and have helped more than one thousand children. The new braces programme will help hundreds more and will target the neediest children; children that come from families with very low income and are below the poverty level. These children would have no hope of treatment if it weren’t for organisations and charities like Smiles Change Lives. Currently, the organisation is looking for volunteer orthodontists, as it looks to expand its business and offer services to children across the USA.

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