Skye dentist submits application for new dental practice in Inverness

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A dentist from Skye has submitted an application to open a new dental practice in Inverness.

Dr Zahid Ahmad, from Portree Dental Care, is hoping to convert an office in the city centre into a brand-new dental clinic. The premises, which are currently vacant, are located in Bank Street.

In a statement accompanying the application submitted to Highland Council, Dr Ahmad said that opening a new dental clinic would form part of a nation-wide effort to improve access to NHS dental services. There is currently a severe shortage of NHS places in the region, with patients reporting problems, such as joining long waiting lists and travelling long distances to get an appointment. Some have opted to pay for private treatment rather than making the journey from Inverness to Tain or Invergordon.

Dr Ahmad suggested that the application aligns with the Scottish Government’s ambitions to increase capacity in Inverness and across the country amid a shortage of NHS places. The building would provide a suitable site for a new dental clinic. The only change that needs to be made, according to Dr Ahmad, is a change of use from class 4 to class 1. No significant interior or exterior modifications will be made to create the new practice.

The Bank Street premises, which form part of a listed building, were recently refurbished. If the plans get the green light, this will mean that the project could progress quickly. Planning officers at Highland Council will now consider the application.

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