Sisu the polar bear receives a visit from the dentist

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Sisu, a popular resident of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, received a visit from the dentist recently.

The 600-kg polar bear had a broken tooth, which was at risk of becoming infected. To prevent a dental abscess and ensure Sisu was feeling fit and well, the team at the wildlife park enlisted the help of specialist vet, Dr Peter Kertesz. Dr Kertesz was part of a three-person team, which helped to remove the affected tooth and fit a replacement.

Sisu is three years old and after the procedure, Dr Kertesz was optimistic that he would lead a long and healthy life. He has a brand new tooth crafted by Dr Kertesz, which will enable him to eat properly and prevent pain and infection.

The procedure to treat Sisu’s broken tooth took an hour and was described by Dr Kertesz as a “standard procedure.” During treatment, the team cleaned out the infected root canal and filled the canine. The root canal was over 3 inches long.

After undergoing dental treatment, Sisu was back on his feet within a few hours but he was monitored closely in his den to ensure he recovered as planned.

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