Shortage Of Dentists For Residents In Berhampur Region Of India

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Residents of the Berhampur region of India are struggling to get dental care as a result of a severe shortage of dentists.

There are only thirteen headquarters hospitals with a dentist in the region and many of the remote hospitals do not have a dentist; patients are consequently often forced to see a private dentist, which most cannot afford.

Waiting lists for dental treatment are long and people who require emergency treatment are faced with the prospect of paying more than they can afford and often travelling long distances to get the care they need.

The Government states that there should be at least 20 dentists at headquarters hospitals, yet the number in Berhampur is much lower. The Odisha Dental Association has been calling for the government to recruit more dentists in the region in both urban and remote areas, yet their pressure has been in vain.

In other regions, including Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, there is at least one dentist stationed at primary health centres. Members of the Odisha Dental Association and local residents are hoping to see improvements in access to dental care in the region in the near future.

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